Measure DD: Lake Merritt Restoration and Water Quality

Projects in this category were to address water quality, recreation, youth activities, park restoration and access


Projects in this category of Lake Merritt Restoration and Water Quality were largely completed as of 2021. In 2019 the Community Coalition began exploring "wish list" ideas to spend the remainder of funds on related projects not specified by the original bond.

Water Quality

Recreation and Youth Activities

$14,500,000 was allocated towards these projects:

  • Children's Fairyland improvements, including historic restoration, drainage, amphitheater and play structure improvements
  • Renovate municipal boathouse and restore public use
  • Restore and renovate Lakeside Park sailboat house, including boat storage and conversion of parking lot to public shoreline area

Park Restoration and Access

$59,750,000 was allocated towards these projects:

  • Create park space and beach area along Lake Merritt south shore and redesign 12th Street to create safe pedestrian and bicycle access from Lake Merritt to Kaiser Convention Center and Channel Park
  • Improve and renovate maintenance facilities, landscaping, docks, restrooms, furnishings and signage
  • Repair Lake Merritt retaining walls
  • Widen and improve pedestrian and bicycle paths and lanes
  • Reconfigure Bellevue Avenue for better access and parking accommodations
  • Expand Snow Park by reconfiguring Lakeside, Harrison and 20th intersection
  • Reconfigure El Embarcadero roadways for safer pedestrian and traffic access