Boards & Commissions

The City of Oakland has over forty Boards and Commissions that play a vital role in City government. Boards and Commissions serve as a mechanism for the community members of Oakland to bring issues of concern to the attention of the general public and the City Council.
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Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC)

Oakland's Bicyclist & Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) advises the City Council on programs and projects related to walking and bicycling. BPAC meetings are on the third Thursday of the month from 6-8 and open to the public.

Budget Advisory Commission

The Budget Advisory Commission (BAC) advises the City Council on expenditures, revenues, and financial policies. The BAC’s advice generally takes the form of informational reports submitted to the Finance & Management Committee of the City Council. The BAC generally meets on the second Wednesday of the month.

Business Tax Board of Review

The Business Tax Board of Review reviews taxpayers appeals on assessments under the business license tax laws.

Cannabis Regulatory Commission

The CRC makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the licensure, taxation, and regulations of cannabis for adult use and oversees the implementation of the private Adult Cannabis Offenses Policy.

Children's Initiative Oversight Commission

The Oakland Children’s Initiative (Measure AA) is a 2018 Charter Amendment passed by the citizens of Oakland to deepen our early investment in children and support them through college graduation.

Civil Service Board

The responsibilities of the Civil Service Board include enforcement of the Civil Service Rules; approval of the exemption of positions from the competitive service; approval of classification specifications and performing appellate duties

Commission on Homelessness

The Commission on Homelessness provides oversight of the Oakland vacant property tax received bv the City of Oakland for homeless services, and makes recommendations to the City Council for strategies to remedy homelessness.

Community Policing Advisory Board (CPAB)

The CPAB supports block, neighborhood and community empowerment, civic engagement and public safety by encouraging and supporting connection, collaboration and problem solving between neighbors and among residents throughout Oakland.

Cultural Affairs Commission

The Cultural Affairs Commission is an advisory body to the Mayor, City Council, and City Administrator on matters affecting cultural development in Oakland.

Head Start Advisory Board

​The Advisory Board provides oversight of quality services for Head Start children and families and for making decisions related to program design and implementation. These decisions and recommendations are shared with the City Council annually or as requested.

Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (LPAB)

The Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board identifies historic landmarks in Oakland, conducts design review hearings on historic properties, and advises the Planning Commission and City Council on preservation.

Mayor's Commission on Aging (MCOA)

​The Mayor’s Commission on Aging was established in 1980 to advise the Mayor and the City Council about issues affecting Oakland seniors.

Oakland - Alameda Coliseum JPA Commission

The Oakland - Alameda County Coliseum Authority is a joint powers agency established by the City of Oakland and the County of Alameda to finance improvements to the Coliseum Complex and to manage the Coliseum Complex on behalf of the City and the County.

Oakland Housing Authority

The Oakland Housing Authority was established to receive federal funds to provide housing for low-income residents of the City of Oakland, California.

Oakland Police & Fire Retirement System Board (PFRS)

The Oakland Police and Fire Retirement System is dedicated to protection and prudent investing of the pension funds for the benefit of the PFRS retirees and beneficiaries. PFRS strives to give the beneficiaries of this retirement system friendly and courteous service.

Oakland Workforce Development Board

The Oakland WDB oversees the federally-funded employment and training programs and services in Oakland. These programs and services help job seekers gain employment and connect businesses with a qualified workforce.

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