Measure DD: Estuary Waterfront Access, Parks, and Clean up

Water quality improvements, hazardous materials remediation, along with waterfront trail and parks acquisition and construction.


This bond category is around the Estuary waterfront and includes water quality and hazard materials remediation, but also waterfront trail and parks construction. There is a lot of ongoing work in this category, as Bay Trail has had many blockers over the years with a complex set of properties, owners, and government agencies along the waterfront. Parks along the waterfront are also tied into construction at Brooklyn Basin, and there is a lot of hazard materials in the soils which have set back some park work.

Water Quality Improvements and Hazardous Materials Remediation

$9,500,000 was set aside for these projects

  • Land acquisition for environmental clean up and conservation
  • Hazardous materials clean up

Waterfront Trail and Parks Acquisition and Construction

  • Pedestrian and bicycle trail acquisition and construction along Estuary waterfront to provide continuous public access from Jack London Square to Martin Luther King, Jr. Regional Shoreline ($19.5 million)
  • Public access area for shoreline parks, Martin Luther King wetlands and trails and City sportsfields ($2 million)
  • Acquisition and development of following parks along Estuary waterfront ($22 million) :
  • Estuary Park at mouth of Lake Merritt Channel into the Estuary
  • Meadows Park at 5th Avenue
  • New park in area of 9th Avenue Terminal
  • Union Point Park at 23rd Avenue