Universal Basic Mobility Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I qualify for the Universal Basic Mobility pilot program? If yes, how do I sign up for the pilot?

If you live or work in East Oakland, then you are eligible to sign up for the pilot. There are no age restrictions to who can participate in the pilot. You can sign up by filling out this survey. There are only 500 prepaid cards loaded with $300 available for this pilot, so signing up does not guarantee that you will receive a card.

How do I use the funds if I am selected for the pilot program?

You will receive the funds on a prepaid debit card. The card can only be used to pay for transportation services such as AC Transit buses, BART trains, WETA ferries, BayWheels bike share, and electric scooter share (LINK, Lime, and VeoRide).

When do I receive it?

If you are eligible and selected to participate in the pilot, your prepaid card will arrive by mail in October 2021.

I received my prepaid card, how do I begin using it?

To activate your prepaid card and begin using it to pay for your transportation, follow the instructions that come with it. You are required to activate your card online or by phone and create a four (4) digit pin. Once it is activated, you may use it in-person or online just like any other debit or credit card -- but only for public transit and shared mobility purchases.

How long can I use it for? What happens when the program ends?

You may use your prepaid card anytime before the card expires. The expiration date is on the back of the prepaid card. Your prepaid card may have up to $300 total loaded on it until your card expires in November/December 2022. When the pilot program ends, you will no longer receive any funds. If you still have funds remaining, you may continue to use the card until your funds are depleted or the card expires.

What can I use it for? Are there any restrictions? Can I use the funds on my prepaid card outside of Oakland?

This card can ONLY be used to buy passes or trips on public transit (AC Transit, BART, ferries), shared e-scooters and bikeshare. There are no geographical restrictions on where you can use your card; however, we cannot guarantee that your card will work on transit and shared mobility outside the Bay Area.

Can I share my prepaid card?

No, the funds on your prepaid card is intended only for the program participant.

What happens if I lose the card?

If your card is lost or stolen, call the prepaid card company’s customer support at 1-855-925-4626. The company may be able to assist you with a replacement card.

What if I don’t receive my card in the mail?

If you need further assistance, the prepaid card company’s customer support at 1-855-925-4626. If you need further assistance, contact OakDOT staff at 510-238-6613 or at parklandish@oaklandca.gov.

I need help with my prepaid card. Who do I contact?

For issues related to the prepaid card, call the company’s customer support at 1-855-925-4626. For any other questions or issues, contact OakDOT staff at 510-238-6613 or at parklandish@oaklandca.gov.

How is this different from my Clipper Card?

Your Clipper Card is tapped on a Clipper reader to board public transit such as AC Transit, and is loaded with cash value. You can use the funds on your prepaid card to load cash value onto your Clipper Card. In other words, you can tap your Clipper Card to get on buses or BART, but you can’t tap your prepaid card.

Can I pay for low-income discount programs like Clipper START using my prepaid card?

Yes, if you qualify for these programs you can use your prepaid card (instead of your own cash or credit/debit card) to pay for your discounted passes. Learn more about how to get transportation discounts on our website: oaklandca.gov/topics/universal-basic-mobility

I’m out of funds on my prepaid card. What should I do?

Funds can only be added to your card by this program. When you have spent all $300 of the funds on your card, you can dispose of your card.

How will my data be used by the City of Oakland?

The City of Oakland only has access to the information you provided in the survey. If you indicated, in the survey, that you’re interested in participating in UC Davis’s research, then your contact information was shared with the UC Davis research team. Your information will not be shared with any other third parties.

The City of Oakland will not have any access to your individual transactions or information from your prepaid card. At the end of this pilot program, the City of Oakland will be provided with an anonymized and aggregated summary of how the funds on all prepaid cards were generally used. This summary will have no personally identifiable information and no transaction information. This summary will be shared publicly as part of the research and evaluation of this pilot.

How will my data be used by the prepaid card program manager and issuing bank?

Usio, Inc. is responsible for issuing the Akimbo Now Promo Mastercard®. Usio may collect and disclose information (including personally identifiable information) to third parties about you, your Card and the transactions related to your Card (“Cardholder Information").

The types of information Usio may collect includes:

(i) Information about purchases made with the Card, such as date of purchase, amount and place of purchase;

(ii) Information you provide to us when you apply for a Card or for replacement Cards, when you register your card, or when you contact us with

customer service issues, such as name, address, and phone number

The types of information Usio may disclose include:

(i) where it is necessary or helpful for completing a transaction;

(ii) in order to verify the existence and condition of the Card for a third party (e.g., a merchant);

(iii) in order to comply with any law or to comply with requirements of any government agency or court order;

(iv) if you give us your written consent; (v) to service providers who administer the Card or perform data processing, records management, collections,

and other similar services for us, in order that they may perform those services;

(vi) in order to prevent, investigate or report possible illegal activity; (vii) in order to issue authorizations for transactions on the Card; and

(viii) as otherwise permitted by law.

Only those persons who need it to perform their job responsibilities are authorized to have access to Cardholder Information. In addition, Usio maintains physical, electronic, and procedural security measures that comply with federal regulations to safeguard Cardholder Information.

Please see the complete privacy policy within the term and conditions of your Akimbo Now Promo Mastercard® at akimbocard.com.

The Akimbo Now Promo Mastercard® is issued by Sunrise Banks N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the Cardholder Agreement.