Social Media Policy Ad Hoc

The objective of this Ad Hoc is to review the protocols and policies related to the Department’s use of social media platforms and personal messaging, on- and off-duty. This Ad Hoc will propose a new social media policy for implementation by the Oakland Police Department.

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Police policies are designed to provide the rules, guidance and instruction for Oakland’s police officers to do their duties.

We'd like to hear from you. Click on the link to review the draft policy and weigh in and share your ideas, comments, suggested language or edits for consideration by this Ad Hoc Committee.

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Ad Hoc Committee Members

Police Commission

Area Experts

  • Darlene Flynn, Director, Department of Race & Equity

Community members

  • Anne Janks, Coalition for Police Accountability
  • Peter Pursley, Coalition for Police Accountability

OPD Representatives

  • DC. Drennon Lindsey
  • Cpt. Roland Holmgren
  • Lt. Joseph Turner