Police Commission

The purpose of the Oakland Police Commission is to oversee the Oakland Police Department to ensure its policies, practices, and customs conform to national standards of constitutional policing, and to oversee the Office of the Inspector General, led by the civilian Office of Inspector General for the Department, as well as the Community Police Review Agency (CPRA), led by the Executive Director of the Agency, which investigates police misconduct and recommends discipline.

Related Meetings

The Oakland Police Commission is committed to transparency in how we do our work. Recognizing that not all our meetings are open to the public, and sometimes work is completed outside of meetings and status is provided at the meeting - this does not ever prohibit community or any stakeholder from reaching out and getting involved.

Members of the public are always welcome, invited and encouraged to share ideas, views, concerns, suggested language edits and perspectives on anything - in particular any OPD policy the Oakland Police Commission is reviewing.

Ways to engage the Commission:

  • Via email directly to a Commissioner
  • Via voice message when you call 510.238.2187
  • Via public comment during open forum portions of Police Commission Meetings (second and fourth Thursday evening of every month)

Police Commission Rules of Order & Code of Conduct

Commission Resolutions

Current/Ongoing Ad Hoc Committees & Polices for Review

Includes Ad Hoc Committee meeting schedule and public Zoom webinar link

Concluded & Archived Ad Hoc Committees

News & Press Releases

Complaints of Police Misconduct - Community Police Review Agency

Complaints of police misconduct give community members an opportunity to be heard and helps the Community Police Review Agency (CPRA) hold police officers accountable.

Complaints of misconduct may prevent other community members from having similar experiences.
Complaints may result in the discipline of an officer and/or alert police supervisors to initiate changes in policy and training

Any member of the public may file a complaint. CPRA can receive any type of complaint against a current Oakland police officer or park ranger.

What information will help my complaint?

  • The incident date, time, and exact location;
  • The officer’s name and serial number;
  • Witness names, addresses, and telephone numbers;
  • Any other evidence you feel may be important such as copies of citations, photographs, audio or video recordings, etc.


The Police Commission is comprised of seven regular and two alternate members, enabled by Oakland City Code section 604. All commissioners are Oakland residents and serve in a volunteer capacity.

The Police Commission meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chamber. All meeting dates are subject to change.