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Documents developed as part of the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan process or used in the process of creating the plan, including requests for proposals to develop the plan and other Oakland projects and publications

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Related Projects and Publications

Several other studies and projects that impact the Downtown are underway concurrent with the Plan Downtown process, some of which are being managed by partner agencies. The City is working to ensure consistency with these projects and the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan.

City of Oakland

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Requests for Proposals

A request for proposals (RFP) is a formal document the City issues when soliciting proposals from an outside organization to help develop a project such as a specific plan.

Downtown Specific Plan

The City of Oakland released a RFP in January 2015 for a consultant to partner with the City on the Downtown Specific Plan. The Dover Kohl & Partners team was selected to lead the process.

Equity Strategy

The City of Oakland is committed to advancing policy and institutional change to address structural inequality throughout Oakland. To support concrete steps toward this goal, the Planning & Building Department issued a RFP to develop a social equity strategy that will guide this and future specific plans. The strategy will ensure that policies are developed to address the physical environment and economic conditions for all people, including those with the fewest resources, through the promotion of participatory engagement and positive social change.

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