Chief's Performance Evaluation Ad Hoc

The mission of this Ad Hoc was to establish the criteria upon which the Oakland Chief of Police will be evaluated by the Police Commission.

On Monday, February 28, 2022, Chair Milele sent the final, approved Police Chief Performance Evaluation Matrix to Chief Armstrong, setting forth the Chief’s official evaluation criteria. These criteria set the standard for police leadership in Oakland, and the Commission will use the criteria to conduct the Chief’s annual performance evaluation one year after publication, late February of 2023.

By publishing the matrix on this webpage, the Police Commission is continuing its ongoing effort to work in a transparent and accessible manner, visible to all stakeholders concerned and interested in police reform in Oakland.

Review the Chief's Evaluation Matrix

Engaging with the Police Commission

The Oakland Police Commission is committed to transparency in how we do our work. Recognizing that not all our meetings are open to the public, and sometimes work is completed outside of meetings and status is provided at the meeting - this does not ever prohibit community or any stakeholder from reaching out and getting involved.

Members of the public are always welcome, invited and encouraged to share ideas, views, concerns, suggested language edits and perspectives on anything - in particular any OPD policy the Oakland Police Commission is reviewing.

Ways to engage the Commission:

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