Commission Eligibility

Eligibility requirements to serve on the Redistricting Commission and Screening Panel.


In November 2014, the Oakland electorate approved a ballot measure creating an independent Redistricting Commission (Commission) and Screening Panel (Panel) that will redraw boundary lines for City Council and School Board of Directors districts.

The Panel will be formed in late-2019 and will review applications for individuals applying to serve on the Commission. The deadline to form the Commission is September 1, 2020, and the Commission will be responsible for approving the final boundary lines no later than December 31, 2021.

The Commission and Panel members have similar eligibility restrictions as detailed below. Eligibility differences are marked accordingly.

Eligibility Requirements

All members shall be residents of the City of Oakland for at least the three years preceding the date of application.
• For Panel membership, a student temporarily residing outside of the Oakland city limits may claim Oakland as their domicile if they intend to return.

All members shall not have a conflict of interest, as defined in the Political Reform Act, commencing at Section 81000 of the Government Code.

All members shall not be paid employees of the City of Oakland, Oakland Unified School District or serve on a City of Oakland or Oakland Unified School District Board or Commission.

All members shall not, within the five years immediately preceding the date of application, be paid employees of any redistricting contractor or consultant.

All members, their spouses, parents, children, or registered domestic partners, shall not, within 10 years immediately preceding the date of application be:
• Elected to, or a candidate for office for the City of Oakland or the Oakland School Board; or
• An employee, or paid consultant or contractor to a campaign for local office; or
• Registered or required to be registered as a local lobbyist; or
• A paid employee of, a consultant to, or under contract with any elected City of Oakland Official or Oakland Unified School Board Member; or
• A principal officer of an active campaign committee domiciled in Alameda County that has made an expenditure on local Oakland candidate elections.

All members shall not contribute 50% or more of the allowable amount to candidates for City of Oakland and Oakland Unified School District elective office in the election preceding the application date. In 2019, the 50% contribution amount that cannot be exceeded is $400 for individuals.

All members shall not be registered to vote in a polling place located outside of Oakland city limits.

The Panel will consist of three members, one of each of the following:
• A retired judge;
• A current law or graduate public policy student; and
• A representative from a 501(c)(3) nonprofit good government organization.