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The Oakland Redistricting Commission is tasked with setting new district boundaries for the City Council and School Board by December 31, 2021. This deadline however was not met. The Commission has continued their work by holding special meetings to adopt a map with new district boundaries through the month of February. Draft Map F4 was modified to create Draft Map F5 during a Special Redistricting Commission Meeting held on January 26, 2022. The Commission approved the selection of Draft Map F5 for final adoption. Draft Map F5 is subject to a super majority of nine votes by the Commission to be considered the final adopted map. The 14-day review and comment period for draft Map F5 ended on February 15, 2022. A Commission meeting was held on February 23. 2022 to vote on final adoption of Draft Map F5. The Redistricting Commission voted to approve Resolution No 22-004 to adopt Draft Map F5 which describes the new district boundaries for the City Council and School Board. The Final Plan (F5) including separately zoomed district boundaries can be viewed below.

The Redistricting Commission has completed its second final draft of the Commission Charter Report, which includes commissioner comments since its December 13, 2022 meeting, documenting the Commission's formation and the basis for which the Commission made its decisions in achieving compliance with the criteria listed in Section 220(E) in the Charter of the City of Oakland. The Commission will discuss the final draft Charter Report during its upcoming January 26, 2023 meeting and hold a vote to adopt the draft as the final report. The Commission Charter Report incorporates outreach efforts compiled in an outreach report prepared by the Commission's outreach consultant, A draft of the outreach report can be viewed here.

On February 23, 2022, the Oakland Redistricting Commission voted to approve Resolution No. 22-004 to adopt Draft Map F5 which describes the new district boundaries for the City Council and School Board. Final Map Plan F5 is now available. Draft Map F5 and prior draft maps can be viewed on draft district map proposals.

Also, please click here for FAQ's issued by the Office of the City Attorney regarding the map for Council and School Board Districts for the 2022 elections. Learn more about redistricting by watching this video.

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In November 2014, the Oakland electorate approved a ballot measure creating an independent Redistricting Commission that will re-draw the boundary lines for City Council and Oakland Unified School Board of Directors districts following the U.S. Census.

On August 27, 2020, all members of the Redistricting Commission were announced. The Commission is responsible for approving the final boundary lines no later than December 31, 2021.

You can read more about the redistricting process and work of the Commission in Article II, Section 220 of the City Charter.

For information on the city's prior redistricting effort, please visit our 2013 City Council Redistricting page.

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