Oaklanders, Ditch Your Junk For Free with Oakland Public Works Services!

All Oakland residents can schedule no-charge large item drop off appointments with Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc. (WMAC), and apartment tenants can now schedule curbside bulky pickup service directly with WMAC

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As Oaklanders are cleaning out their homes and businesses, Oakland Public Works (OPW) is offering reminders of all the services available to dispose of their unwanted bulky items the right way – and avoid seeing those items turn up dumped on the street in their own neighborhoods.

OPW knows Oaklanders take pride in their neighborhoods and want to do what they can to keep them clean and healthy, so today’s announcement is intended to support the community by promoting services that are available and free. No Oakland resident should have to pay extra to have their bulky items disposed. To dispose of items that won’t fit in your trash cart, the following services are available at no charge:

  • Curbside bulky pickup service is available to all Oakland residents, provided by WMAC. As announced in November, this includes improved access for renters. Residents in Multi-Family Dwellings (buildings more than four residential units) can now schedule a curbside appointment once a year directly with WMAC instead of requesting appointments through their landlords as they formerly had to. Residents in Single-Family Dwellings (buildings with up to four residential units) can schedule an appointment for bulky items collection at the curbside, increased from once per year to twice per year. Find the service terms and instructions at www.oaklandrecycles.com. Contact WMAC to schedule a bulky pickup by calling 1-888-WM-BULKY.
  • All Oakland residents may schedule appointments with WMAC to drop off their bulky items at no charge at the Davis Street Resource Recovery Complex and Transfer Station (located at 2615 Davis Street in San Leandro). To schedule an appointment call (510) 613-8710.
  • OPW hosts monthly Bulky Block Party events where residents can drop off their items for free. The events are usually held on the last Saturday of every month, from 9am-1pm, at 7101 Edgewater Drive. This month's event will be held Saturday, January 29. Program details here.

Alternately there are several companies licensed to do business in Oakland that will remove junk from private property for a charge. Companies that might offer that service, and are licensed to do business in the City of Oakland, include:

  • Manzanita's Hauling
  • American Hauling
  • Sons of Odin Hauling & Demolition
  • RCD Hauling Service
  • Bay Area Waste Services doing business as Trash Scouts
  • Calsan Debris Removal
  • Nixxit Junk Removal

OPW strongly urges residents who are hiring anyone to remove bulky items from their property to:

  1. Remember that WMAC has the exclusive right to haul your residential and commercial solid waste from the curbside,
  2. Make sure anyone you hire to remove bulky items from your property is licensed to do business in Oakland -- a search tool for licensed businesses is online here, and
  3. Make sure the service provider provides a “dump ticket,” or a receipt indicating the bulky items were properly dropped off at the Davis Street Resource Recovery Complex in San Leandro or the City of Berkeley Transfer Station. Residents may be liable for bulky items from their homes found dumped on Oakland streets.

All Oakland community members can learn more about trash, recycling, and compost services available in Oakland by going to www.oaklandrecycles.com. Oaklanders can learn more about services available to combat and reduce illegal dumping – and learn how they themselves can help! – at www.oaktownproud.com.


Sean Maher
Acting Citywide Communications & Engagement Director


Posted: January 19th, 2022 2:10 PM

Last Updated: February 11th, 2022 12:06 PM

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.