Oaktown PROUD: Prevent & Report Our Unlawful Dumping

Oaktown PROUD is a campaign by and for Oaklanders, to reduce illegal dumping and improve our neighborhoods. From this page you can #BeOaktownPROUD by requesting City services, reporting dumping, and volunteering to help! Please note recent service changes in light of COVID-19.


For many years illegal dumping has been growing worse in Oakland, disproportionately harming black and brown communities and contributing to a decades-long pattern of inequities in public health and public safety.

We are making progress together. Thanks to the strong advocacy of our communities, the leadership of our elected officials, and the dedication and expertise of our seasoned Oakland Public Works staff, we are investing more in services to address this urgent problem. We are taking a holistic approach we refer to as The Three E’s:

  • Education, rolling out the Oaktown PROUD community campaign to prevent dumping, inform our neighbors about affordable services that can help them dispose properly of unwanted belongings and trash, and empower communities to participate or volunteer in tackling this problem together.
  • Eradication, cleaning up dumping where it is reported or found by our crews. We hold ourselves to high standards for responsiveness to community complaints and a growing proactive effort by our Garbage Blitz Crews to clean up hot spots and illegal dumping corridors we already know about.
  • Enforcement, restoring and reinventing our team of Environmental Enforcement Officers (EEOs) to uphold the rules that keep our streets clean and hold dumpers accountable – whether that means just letting them know we’re watching, or issuing consequences to their behavior.

If you see dumping in your neighborhood please report it to OAK311 by dialing 311 or (510) 615-5566, e-mailing OAK311@oaklandca.gov, reporting online here, or using the free OAK311 mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

What is the City Doing? How Can I Help?

Oakland Public Works cannot solve the illegal dumping problem alone, but we do play several important roles. OPW responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning public streets, parks, and waterways such as creeks and Lake Merritt.
  • Overseeing trash, composting, and recycling service contracts so Oaklanders can properly dispose of their trash and junk, including the big, bulky items that don’t fit in carts – see OaklandRecycles.com for details.
  • Protecting water quality and wildlife habitat through street sweeping and storm-drain inlet cleaning, as well as watershed restoration projects.
  • Initiating and supporting Oakland greening and beautification projects

What You Can Do to Take on Illegal Dumping

Don't Dump Your Junk!

  • Call Waste Management of Alameda County to initiate weekly curbside pickup service if you don't have it now. Call (510) 613-8710 or e-mail csnorthbay@wm.com.

Be Careful When Using Haulers!

  • Request dump receipts from anyone hauling unwanted items from your home or business before paying. A “good deal” may mean your stuff is being illegally dumped in Oakland.
  • Be sure to use a permitted hauler to remove construction and demolition materials.

Report Illegal Dumping!

  • Report illegal dumping when and where you see it to OAK 311 by dialing 311 or (510) 615-5566.
  • Use the OAK 311 app on your smart phone to photograph and report illegal dumping. Available free in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Participate in the City Rewards Program for reporting illegal dumping.

Volunteer to Keep Oakland Clean & Beautiful!

Join the Team!

  • Waste Management of Alameda County is hiring in Oakland. View available jobs here.

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