Transit Action Strategy

Oakland Department of Transportation and AC Transit have partnered to strategize transit improvements across the Town

AC Transit buses on Broadway

Oakland’s transportation network isn’t only about getting from place to place. It’s about connecting Oaklanders with the jobs, schools, and services that keep our city thriving. It is clear riding the bus is one very important way that Oaklanders connect to the places they need to go.

Passengers getting off AC Transit bus

AC Transit and the City of Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) are working together to ensure riding the bus is safe, reliable, and affordable. OakDOT and AC Transit have identified street improvements that prioritize fast, frequent, and reliable transit trips, as well as improve comfort and access for bus riders. This will improve Oaklanders’ ability to get around and expand the number of good jobs and services accessible to our residents.

AC Transit bus in Jack London Square

Street improvements for transit riders can also help our businesses thrive, keep the local economy local, and make sure the needs of daily life are within walking and transit distance of every neighborhood. In addition, programs to discount fares can help lower transportation costs for Oaklanders.

Bus riders waiting at bus stop
Bus riders waiting at bus stop


What is a Transit Action Strategy?

The Transit Action Strategy is a to-do list for OakDOT and AC Transit. The strategy outlines the different types of actions that will quickly help improve transit. Some actions are relatively minor, like expanding red curb zones to ease bus pull-in and pull-out movements, or refreshing crosswalks near bus stops to facilitate crossing the street. Other actions may be invisible, like retiming traffic signals so buses (and drivers) don’t get caught at consecutive red lights. And other actions may take a while to finish, like creating community plans for major transit streets. Together, it all adds up to progress for Oaklanders who ride the bus.

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