Studio One Art Center

Studio One Art Center is open for in-person adult, teen and youth classes. Fall/Winter 2023-24 catalog will be posted here on July 7th.

Fall Session 8 weeks | Mon/Sat 7 weeks:
Aug. 21-Oct. 14, no class 9/4 or 9/9 |
Registration Opens Monday, July 17th @9am

Holiday Session 7 weeks | Saturdays 6 weeks:
Oct. 23 - Dec. 16, no class 11/11 | No class 11/20 - 26
Registration Opens Monday, August 28 @9am

Winter Session 8 weeks | Mondays 6 weeks:
Jan. 8 - Mar 2, no class 1/15 or 2/19
Registration Opens Monday, October 30 @9am


Help us raise money for Oakland youth to have scholarships to enjoy our camps.
Each year we host 14 weeks of Art Camp. Everyday youth enjoy classes lead by master artist in music, dance, ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Web Design, Textiles, paper crafts and much more. Our community-based program includes youth from all over the City of Oakland. We thrive on a diverse community environment teaching life skills and leadership in a fun hands-on environment.

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Studio One Art Center

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