Special Event Tier Definitions & Deadlines

Please note, your application will still be accepted if it is not submitted before the deadline but it may not be processed in time for the event.

Tier 1 Tier 2

A special event consisting of the following: less than three hundred (300) people, either no street closure or only the closure of a local street, no fencing, less than four hundred (400) square feet of tents, no open flames, no pyrotechnics, and no sales of food, beverages, goods, cannabis, or alcohol.

A special event that includes any of the following: three hundred (300) or more people, the closure of a non-local street, four hundred (400) or more square feet of tents, open flames, or pyrotechnics, or includes sales of goods, beverages, cannabis or alcohol.

Deadline to submit 21 days in advance

Deadline to submit 45 days in advance

Tier 3 Tier 4

A special event with two-thousand five hundred (2,500) or more people or a parade.

A special event consisting of a marathon, half-marathon, triathlon, or similar events with active attendee participation and with multiple closures of non-local streets.

Deadline to submit 90 days in advance

Deadline to submit 120 days in advance

Have questions? Please email specialeventsinfo@oaklandca.gov