Short Term Encroachment Permit Information

If your event does not qualify as a special event but would like to close a street to vehicular traffic (e.g. for a block party) you will need to apply for a short term encroachment permit.

*Please note closures of non-local streets will require more heightened review. A non-local street typically has a yellow divider line as pictured below. Please click here to verify whether a street qualifies as local or non-local.

What is a special event?

Click below to see if you qualify as special event.


*Please note that in order to receive a short-term encroachment permit:

  • A majority of the residents/tenants on the block where the encroachment will take place must be in support or the street/sidewalk closure.
  • In commercial areas, the applicant must be sponsored by or represent a local merchant organization.
  • You will need to complete a Short Term Encroachment Petition for your permit.

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