Senate Bill 1 (SB1): Statewide Transportation Funding

The City of Oakland receives $7 million in funding every year from SB1: The Road Repair and Accountability Act.


What is SB1?

Senate Bill 1 was passed in April 2017 by a two-thirds majority in the California Legislature. As the largest transportation investment in California history, SB1 is expected to raise $52.4 billion in funding to rebuild neighborhood streets, freeways and bridges across California. Transportation improvements funded by SB1 include:

  • Maintenance of State Highways and Bridges
  • Repairs to Local Streets and Roads
  • Transit
  • Congested Corridors and Trade Corridors
  • Local Agency Matching
  • Bike and Pedestrian Projects
  • Other: Planning, Research, Workforce Training

Funding Sources

Funding for SB1 comes from state gas tax and vehicle fees. It is split evenly between state and local governments for highway and local road repair and maintenance. SB1 doubles the amount of revenue that cities, such as the City of Oakland, receive from the state for local street maintenance and repair.

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