Resilient Oakland

A city is resilient when it can respond to many different kinds of stress. Oakland has a long history of working hard work to make sure that everyone can find good schools and jobs, pay for housing, and feel safe even in hard times. To help Oakland stay a strong and resilient city, we need to work together to make a City government that Oaklanders can trust. We also need to learn to use data and research to help us make decisions about how to help the community and support the City.


The Resilient Oakland Strategy has three core goals. One, it aims to build a government that is more trusted and better at responding to the needs of its residents. Two, it aims to keep Oaklanders stay rooted and thriving in our town. Three, it aims to build connections across the City Departments and within the Community. Resilient Oakland is more than a plan. It's a process, a strategy and a vision for the future.

You can download the full playbook in PDF format above. Learn more about action items like the Civic Design Lab.