Public Ethics Commission Enforcement Program

The Public Ethics Commission (PEC) has authority to impose penalties for violations of ethics laws, campaign finance laws, and lobbyist registration requirements. The Commission also can mediate or recommend “cure and correction” for violations of public records and open meetings laws, respectively.

The Law

The PEC conducts investigations, holds public hearings, issues subpoenas, and imposes fines and penalties as provided for by ordinance. The Commission has the primary responsibility and power to investigate and enforce violations under the laws listed below.

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Public Ethics Commission Impact


The Public Ethics Commission is an independent commission made up of Oakland residents and charged with ensuring fairness, openness, honesty and integrity in Oakland City government. Our objective is to make sure Oakland public officials and government decision-making processes operate in a fair and unbiased manner, to promote transparency in Oakland government, and to promote public trust in our local political system.
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