Predevelopment Loan Program


Purpose: To provide loans to non-profit housing developers to cover pre-development costs (feasibility analyses and preparation of loan applications) and to cover costs of preparing projects for syndication.

Status: Ongoing

Maximum Amount: $35,000 per project (City-wide), $75,000 per project (Central District)

Minimum Amount: N/A


Eligible Applicants: Non-profit organizations with stable administrative structure and previous housing development experience.

Location: Citywide, Central District

Eligible Properties: Projects must be located in Oakland.

At least 40% of project units must be reserved for households with incomes below 80% of Area Median Income.

Occupancy: Both Owner-Occupied and Rental.

Eligible Uses: Appraisal fees, financial packaging fees, preliminary architectural design work, engineering fees, fees for toxics and asbestos assessment studies, legal fees, permit fees, consultant fees, option agreements, syndication expenses, title/recording/escrow charges.

Other Requirements: Applicants must secure funding from other non-City sources for an amount equal to one-half the requested loan amount.

Loan Details

Interest Rate: 6.00%

Payments/ Term
18 months
Payment of principal and Interest deferred until receipt of project financing or the end of the 18-month period.
Prepayment Penalty: None

Security: Deed of Trust on real property, Unsecured loans may be granted where the borrower does not have any resources to secure the loan.

How to Apply

Status: Available Now

Deadline: None

Process: Complete and submit the application.

Application: Call 510-238-6177 to request an application.