The Official City Motto

In April 2016, the City of Oakland adopted an official city motto in memory of 16-year old Lo'Eshe Lacy. Lo'Eshe in Nigerian Igbo means "love life," a rallying cry to embody Oakland love.


We acknowledge "Love Life" as our motto as we denounce violence in all forms and the conditions that create violence. We commit to working against these conditions to create a safe space for all to operate in Love and Peace on our streets.

We acknowledge that when we demonstrate love we also manifest qualities of respect, kindness, grace, truth, understanding, humbleness, and forgiveness towards each other. We commit to acts of love as an intentional force to generate tangible solutions, in regards to all policies, declarations, recommendations, resolutions, appointments, and actions.

We recognize as leaders, we must set an example and precedent for those who have entrusted us with these duties. We accept the responsibility to make our city and community a better place by bringing inspiration instead of insults, contributions instead of complaints, constructive feedback instead of criticism, and even in our passion for all issues no matter how difficult, we lead with the guiding principle of love.

We ask that you share with us in this commitment and practice of exhibiting love, good faith, positive energy, and respect in how you comment, present information, report out, or inform. We appreciate all contributions to this space and even when expressing hurt, harm, disappointment, dispute, or disagreement, we request that we lead with love in your heart.

We acknowledge Love in practice even when there are differences in opinions, strategies, procedures, and process, and we will seek to find common ground, and tangible solutions that demonstrate love for our city, its residents, our community, and all constituents.

We acknowledge and recognize that when we model this practice of love, it will establish a norm that will resonate and be exemplified throughout our city and create the change we all wish to see in our communities.

We acknowledge that when we lead with love we are able to uplift a thriving city rooted in equity, equality, justice, inclusion, and opportunity for all regardless of race, gender, age, class, socio economic status, nationality, religion, sexual preference, housing status, or political affiliation.

We acknowledge that when we uplift love, we uplift those impacted by violence of all and any kind. We acknowledge that when we uplift love we uplift traditions of our ancestors, our arts, our culture, our businesses, our educators, our unhoused, our civic servants, and all who contribute to the fabric and well being of our community.

We commit to the action of “Love Life” as our motto and mantra.