Material Consumption + Waste

The third section of Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) is Material Consumption and Waste (MCW), which focuses on all food and goods that we consume or purchase, and when and how we throw them away. Oaklanders have access to robust recycling and composting services, but recyclable and organic (compostable) materials still end up in the landfill. The MCW actions work to eliminate the disposal of organic materials to landfill and strengthen edible food recovery to feed our most food insecure residents. This ECAP section envisions a thriving, low-carbon, local economy where Oaklanders can repair and reuse products easily and avoid unnecessary or redundant purchases.

List of ECAP Action Items

This table shows the list of the MCW action items that are included in the ECAP. Each action item has its own lead department and implementation timeline.

ECAP Action Title

Lead Department


MCW-1: Eliminate Disposal of Compostable Organic Materials to Landfills

Public Works Department


MCW-2: Strengthen Infrastructure and Partnerships for Edible Food Recovery

Public Works Department


MCW-3: Eliminate Single-Use Plastics and Prioritize Reuse in Food Preparation, Distribution, and Sale

Public Works Department


MCW-4: Support the Reuse, Repair, Recovery, and Refurbishment Economy

Public Works Department

Not Started

MCW-5: Expand Community Repair Resources

Public Works Department; Economic & Workforce Development Department

Not Started

MCW-6: Establish a Deconstruction Requirement

Planning & Building Department

Not Started

Resources + Programs

Explore existing resources and programs below.


For extensive landfill, recycling, and composting information and waste reduction efforts, please visit Oakland Recycles.

For updates on ECAP implementation, visit the City’s Sustainability Page, where you’ll find all ECAP topics and resources.

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