Keep Oakland Open & Working

Aiding in our local goal for a just and equitable recovery, my office will continue to advocate for and uplift career, workforce, and economic development opportunities for East Oakland residents.

Council Actions & Legislative Wins

Local Business Empowerment Through Contracting

Guided by the city’s 2017 Race & Gender Disparities Study, the Local Business Empowerment Through Contracting (LBETC) Ordinance was created to ensure local unrepresented businesses receive their fair share of governmental contracts. The study highlighted that the most significant disparity existed in Black and Women-Owned business. With the City of Oakland being one of the largest economic engines in the region, I was proud to co-author the corresponding LBETC resolution with Councilmember Loren Taylor to ensure its contracts were equitably distributed.

Council American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Allocations

  • Reinstated Temporary Staff
  • Deeper Investments into the Akoma Market Vendor Program
  • Extended contract for the Oakland Legal/Mediation Services for Small Business Tenants to negotiate rent stabilization
  • Youth Summer/Job Programs
  • Local contractor support program, to expand support for local and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) contractors to enable equitable access to opportunities and include contractor development assistance

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