Parking, Citations, Payments, Permits, Etc.: Frequently Asked Questions About

The Parking & Mobility Assistance Center, formerly known as the Parking Citation Assistance Center, is now part of the Oakland Department of Transportation and is building its capacity to become a one-stop shop for all things parking and mobility. The frequently asked questions below are organized by TOPIC areas.


I was issued a citation, but no sign indicated any parking regulations. Can I get the ticket canceled because I was not aware of the rules?

It is the driver’s responsibility to be aware of and understand all parking and traffic regulations while operating a vehicle - if the driver has any questions regarding parking regulations in the City of Oakland they can contact our office or review the information on our website. Simply being unaware of a particular regulation doesn’t exempt that individual from being issued a citation.

If it says “VIN Not Visible” does it mean the citation is not valid? Was I cited because my VIN wasn’t visible?

The VIN field is not a legally required field for enforcement. Our Parking Control Technicians do make an effort to capture this data when issuing the citation; however, this is not required for the citation to be valid.

I was only one foot / one inch in the red zone!

Per the California Vehicle Code, no portion of the vehicle (even if it’s only 1 cm of the bumper) can extend into the red zone.

I got cited for parking in a red zone, but I painted the curb red so nobody would park in front of my house except for me and my visitors. It is not a legitimate red curb and citation should be dismissed!

Defacement and/or vandalism of public property (such as sidewalks and curbs) can potentially result in citations and/or fines.

I was cited for double parking, but I was in the vehicle and stopped only for a moment to pick up something, so I was not actually parked.

Per the CA Vehicle Code, there is no stopping, standing, parking, or obstructing a lane of traffic and/or bike lane - regardless of whether the driver is inside the vehicle, whether the vehicle was running, or whether hazard lights were activated.

Why was I cited for being in my driveway? And it says “blocking sidewalk” even though it was a driveway?

Per regulations, there is no blocking of any portion of the sidewalk. Although this spot might be “your” driveway, it is also the public sidewalk right of way and as such the City is tasked with ensuring the public right of way is kept clear at all times.

I noticed errors on my citation, but I've already paid it, can I submit a request for Administrative Review?

CVC 40215 states that a person has 21 calendar days from the issuance of a notice of parking violation or 14 calendar days from the mailing of a notice of delinquent parking violation to submit a challenge / Administrative Review Request. If payment is submitted instead, the individual is deemed as having admitted fault for the citation and the payment closes the matter so there is no further review (CVC 40204). It is the driver or Registered Owner’s responsibility to review the citation/notice carefully before choosing to take action.


I paid for metered parking through the ParkMobile app. Why do I keep getting cited?

If you paid through the ParkMobile app, please check your vehicle license plate number on your account. We base our review decision on the ParkMobile record of Active Sessions for the plate number as paid. Failure to enter or select the correct plate number is not a valid reason for citation dismissal.


I renewed my Resident Parking Permit (RPP) online and never received my permit in the mail!

The City of Oakland has transitioned to virtual, plate-based permits, and we will no longer be issuing physical decals by mail. Please visit our RPP webpage for more information on virtual permits and license plate recognition.

If I intentionally block the License Plate Recognition camera’s view of my license plate, does that prevent a citation from being issued to my vehicle?

No, when Parking Control Technicians and/or Law Enforcement Officers observe a violation, they will attempt to visually identify the vehicle and issue the citation.

Why have I been cited for “Residential Parking,” I live on this street?

Certain streets are zoned as RPP areas, which requires a permit to exceed the posted parking hour limitations. If you have not applied for a Residential Parking Permit, you can review the requirements and apply by visiting our RPP webpage.

I would like to purchase some visitor / temporary guest residential parking permits and have them backdated to last month / last week; I can pay for them now but I need it to show that these were active on the dates I needed them for.

We do not issue retroactive parking permits. We are able to issue pending visitor permits if purchased prior to the dates that you need them for. After your transaction, it is your responsibility to notify us via email or voicemail before the date you need them activated--please include the vehicle’s license plate number (state included), date(s) of use and permit number(s) that you are requesting activation for. Again, more information is available on our RPP page.


I saw the Street Sweeper go by and after they finished sweeping my block, I pulled into a parking space; why was I issued a cite for “No Parking Certain H” - what does that even mean?

“No Parking Certain H” is "No Parking Certain Hours". Signs posted along the block warn/notify drivers when Street Sweeping occurs. Legally there is no parking at all during the posted time(s) regardless of whether the Sweeper has already passed by. The brooms need the streets clear the entire duration of posted no parking in the event that they need to come around again.


I have a Disabled Placard and I had it displayed, but I still received a parking citation. Why wasn’t my placard honored?

Was your Placard expired? Was it ever reported to the DMV as lost/stolen? Was it displayed properly? Was this a valid parking use of the Placard? For more information, please visit the DMV’s website regarding Disabled Placards to review the regulations on Placard usage.


I paid my DMV registration already, but why was I still issued a citation for expired registration?

Parking Control Technicians are authorized to issue citations if the vehicle failed to display current tags (month and year stickers) on the license plate. Even if fees had already been paid to DMV, if the tags are missing, expired, or displayed improperly you are at risk of being cited.

Correctable Violations (CVC 4000.A, 4125.5, 5200, 5201and 5204)

Proof of correction and an admin fee of $10 must be provided to PCAC within 30 days of the issuance date of the citation. A “Certificate of Correction” may be obtained from any peace officer or authorized DMV employee. The signature does not negate payment of the $10 fee.

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Why do I keep getting notices for a vehicle I no longer own?

When a vehicle is sold or donated it is required that a Release of Liability is filed with the DMV within 5 days of the transaction. If a ROL was filed, it is possible the new owner failed to complete the new registration of the vehicle. You may submit a copy of the ROL for review, and any citations issued after the sale/donation would be updated to the new owner.


I lost my citation, where can I find the information printed on the back?

A copy of the Notice of Parking Violation can be found here

Where can I find the full list of parking regulations?

The City of Oakland enforces parking regulations sourced from the CA Vehicle Code as well as the City’s own Municipal Code.

City of Oakland Municipal Code

California Vehicle Code