Coliseum Connections Q&A for Affected Households

This Q&A provides key reference information for residents of Coliseum Connections who were displaced by the New Year's Flood.

What is the status of repairs to Coliseum Connections?

The property owner has informed the City that, as of 2/22/23, they are in the process of procuring contractors and parts for the necessary building repairs. The owner's projected timeline would result in the building returning to service between late March and late April.

How long will the City of Oakland pay for hotels?

If your household has been booked at a local hotel by the property management of Coliseum Connections, the City intends to continue to pay for hotel bills until the repairs to Coliseum Connections are complete and the building re-opens, contingent upon available funding . Reservations may be made for a shorter period of time, but will be extended as necessary.

What hotel expenses will the City pay for, and what expenses are displaced tenants responsible for?

The City of Oakland will pay for the hotel room, the tax, parking charges (if applicable), and pet fees (if applicable). The tenants are responsible for any damage to hotel rooms and for any "extra" services, such as but not limited to hotel food/drink, laundry, and telephone charges. The City is unable to pay for these extra charges with the funding source used to pay for the hotel rooms themselves.

What should I do if I think the hotel is charging me for something the City should be paying for?

The City of Oakland assumed responsibility for these expenses on Monday, February 13th. If you have been charged for your room, room tax, parking fees, and/or pet fees on or after February 13th, please contact the City's Department of Housing & Community Development at to ensure the hotel bills the City and refunds you the amount you were charged. Unfortunately, the source of funding we are using for hotel expenses prohibits us from reimbursing for expenses before February 13th.

What options are available if I don't want to stay at my hotel until Coliseum Connections is repaired?

The City expects to soon have a relocation consultant on contract to work directly with you; we recognize that your needs would be best met through one-on-one meetings with the relocation consultant, which should begin the week of 3/6/23. As part of the relocation consultant's work, they will explore options for those who do not wish to remain in a hotel for the duration of the repairs, and for this reason the hotel rooms are being booked on a weekly basis to maintain that flexibility. If you have an emergency need to relocate to another hotel before 3/6/23 (e.g. due to safety issues), please email for immediate assistance.

What should I do if I found accommodations outside of my hotel?

Please let the hotel front desk know that you will be checking out. Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, the City of Oakland is unable to pay for apartment rentals the same way as it pays for hotels. However, you may instead qualify for rental assistance under the "Individual Assistance" program provided by FEMA (

What is the status of the $500 payment for displaced tenants?

For tenants that have applied for the one-time Immediate Vacation Benefit of $500, the City's Community Development & Engagement staff are in direct contact with the tenant households for whom checks are currently available, and are continuing to process checks. At this time, we are still awaiting applications or completed documentation from approximately 15 tenants - remaining applications for the $500 Immediate Vacation Benefit will only be accepted through 3/31/23. To check status of your application or request an application, please contact

Where can I find legal assistance?

All tenants are advised to consult with attorneys regarding their rights. If you are seeking legal guidance, here are some legal service providers who might be able to help:

  • Centro Legal De La Raza (Tenant Rights) via text at 510.738.3906 or email at
  • East Bay Community Law Center - calls only at (510) 548-4040 ext. 201