City Leadership on the ECAP

The sixth section in Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) focuses on City leadership. Oakland’s Climate Emergency and Just Transition Resolution acknowledged the severity of the climate crisis and the City’s intent to be a leader on equitable climate action. This section envisions an Oakland City government that demonstrates climate leadership throughout its operations, and supports deep engagement on climate action within the community.

List of ECAP Action Items

This table shows the list of City Leadership action items that are included in Oakland's 2030 ECAP. Each action item has its own lead department and implementation timeline.

ECAP Action Title

Lead Department


CL-1: Evaluate and Reduce Climate Impacts of City Expenditures and Operation

Economic and Workforce Development Department; Public Works Department

Not Started

CL-2: Phase Out Fossil Fuel Dependency in All City Agreements and Contracts

Public Works Department; Office of Resilience

Not Started

CL-3: Accelerate City Fleet Vehicle Replacement

Public Works Department; Office of Resilience


CL-4: Explore Creation of Public or Green Bank

Public Works Department; Planning and Building Department


CL-5: Establish the Oakland Climate Action Network to Support Inclusive Community Engagement on ECAP Implementation

Economic and Workforce Development Department





For updates on ECAP implementation, visit the City’s Sustainability Page, where you’ll find all ECAP topics and resources.

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