Chinatown, Downtown & Jack London Neighborhoods

District 2 Updates for Chinatown, Civic Center, Gold Coast, Laney/Peralta, Jack London Square

Updates & Current Events:

May Update —

  • Lincoln Summer Nights will be starting at Lincoln Square Park on May 11th, 2023. see they flyer and more details here.
  • With the multiple instances of violence in the past week, our office is dedicated to pointing residents towards resources that can support them in addressing issues, and raising the overall safety of the community. Please utilize the resources below to report specific issues to appropriate City departments:
    • OAK311: Send requests to the city for routine maintenance and urgent infrastructure issues, i.e. potholes, abandoned vehicles, illegal dumping. If the requests is not addressed, follow up with our staff via email and share the Service Request Number in your confirmation so we can ask 311 staff to address the issue.
    • Homelessness: Report encampments, cleaning needs, and other issues related to our unhoused community.
      • Email – you will be asked to provide information, including location, types of vehicles if any, description of conditions, photos.
    • MACRO (Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland): MACRO teams in the Fire Department respond to calls about homelessness, some behavioral or mental health calls, noise complaints, and people appearing drunk (and nonviolent) in public. MACRO units do not respond inside anyone's home, a domestic violence call, or anything that appears dangerous or violent.
      • Call 911 to get a MACRO unit to respond, and in an effort to aid the dispatcher, the caller can stress that the situation appears to be non-violent and that a MACRO unit is desired, OR EMAIL, Subject: "Request for Service @ Address/Location + Call/Incident Type," Body: Description of Incident, any relevant history and if possible, a picture.
    • Public Safety: Join a Neighborhood Council meeting in your area to connect with neighbors, city staff, and OPD Community Resource Officers designated to serve your area. Build connections and find solutions together.
      • Emergency 911: Call 510-777-3211 if calling from a cell phone
      • OPD Non-Emergency: 510-777-3333
      • Oakland Fire Dept Non-Emergency: 510-444-3322
      • Drug Tip Line: 510-238-3784
      • Human Trafficking Anonymous Tip Line: 510-238-2373
    • Traffic Safety Request Program: Check out OakDOT’s processes on submitting requests for improvements such as speed bumps, traffic signs, etc.

    • Paving: See the city’s 2022-27 5-Year Paving Plan and the results of the 2019-22 3-Year Paving Plan. You can find streets that have been paved, upcoming paving and timing.

    • Housing Resources: Get in touch with the City’s Rent Adjustment Program to access resources for tenants and property owners, including for housing counselors, navigating evictions, appeals, fees, etc. Connect with the City’s Housing Resource Center, a one-stop shop for information on City-funded housing services including listings for emergency shelters, transitional and affordable housing, foreclosure prevention: (510) 238-6182,

    • Sideshows: Report to with as much specific info as possible, including location, day, time, how many cars, license plates, number of spectators, any firearm activity, and social media posts. Learn more about top sideshow hotspots and OPD / OakDOT’s pilot prevention program.

April Update —

  • Oakland Asian Cultural Center is hosting its third annual "virtual" night market. The online directory, which started during the pandemic, will spotlight local businesses throughout March and April. Read more in the Oaklandside.
  • Thank you, Sen. Alex Padilla for securing $2 million toward achieving our vision of a new community resiliency center at Lincoln Square Park. Read more here.


Community Organizations Other Resources

  • Chinatown Neighborhood Council (Beat 3X): Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 2 - 3pm via Zoom. For more information, please contact Oakland Neighborhood Services Coordinator Lisa Jue at

  • Jack London Neighborhood Council (Beat 1X): Meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:15pm via Zoom. For more information, please contact Oakland Neighborhood Services Coordinator Brenda Ivey at

  • Business Improvement District (BID) Walks: Thanks to the leadership of our Jack London, Chinatown, and Downtown BIDs, the regular BID walk is a great opportunity for business owners and community members to get to know each other, learn about the resources available, and share more about the area. The Walks take participants through the Downtown, Jack London, and Chinatown neighborhoods, and aspire to ID issues that are on the street, as well as brainstorm solutions. Read about our last walk here. For more information, please email Savlan Hausser, at


For questions, please contact: