Local and Small Local Business Enterprise Program

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The City encourages all businesses with a substantial business presence in Oakland to apply for the Local Business Enterprise (LBE) or Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) or Very Small Local Business Enterprise (VSLBE) certification.

Certification Benefits

  • Earns bid discount and preference points whether you are a Certified for-profit or nonprofit business
  • Increases the number of Oakland certified businesses participating in City contracts and in development projects
  • Increases the circulation of City dollars within the Oakland community to stimulate a stronger economic base
  • Helps develop Oakland certified businesses through joint ventures and through mentor/protégé relationships

Certification Eligibility

  • Must be an established organization operating within the City of Oakland
  • Must be fully operational for at least 12 months prior to applying for certification
  • Have a valid City of Oakland Business Tax Certificate issued no less than 12 months prior to applying for certification
  • Have a fixed office that reflects a substantial presence in the geographical boundries of the City of Oakland
  • Meet established business-size standards for certification as a "Small Local Business Enterprise"
  • Must be an independent business headquartered in Oakland for certification as a "Small Local Business Enterprise"

Employer Requirements

For construction contracts greater than $100,000 and professional services contracts greater than $50,000 you must achieve 50% LBE/SLBE participation. This requirement is satisfied by a 25% LBE and 25% SLBE split, or by 50% SLBE participation. For construction contracts less than $100,000 and professional services contracts less than $50,000, you must outreach to certified local firms, ensuring that a minimum of three local firms are included in the solicitation.

Incentives for compliance:

  • A minimum bid discount of 5% for meeting the participation requirement
  • Increased points and discounts as the level of local and small local business participation increases
  • Mentor-Protégé Relationships between non-local firms and local certified firms are strongly encouraged

Certification/Recertification Steps:

1. Log into iSupplier. (If you are not a registered user, follow the iSupplier Registration instructions.)

2. Complete all the sections under the ADMIN tab in iSupplier (except the bank account information).

3. Scan and upload them directly to iSupplier and send an email to Ernestine Nettles and Linda Jones the documents are in your iSupplier folder. Please put your company’s name in the “Subject” line of the email.

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