Central East Oakland Discovery Center

The Central East Oakland Discovery Center is a community-based program that offers neighborhood youth a fun way to explore their world through science.It provides youth with the materials, resources, and coaching that allows them the creative space to discover their own skills and enables them to pursue their own interests. It encourages youth to see learning as something they pursue for their own benefit.The program is located at Brookdale Recreation Center.


  • Gardening
  • Build science fair type projects
  • Launch water propelled rockets
  • Motorized & magnetic gadgets
  • Learn bicycle repair - fix your bike
  • Clay & art projects
  • Simple chemistry projects
  • Computer lab
  • Woodworking projects such as birdhouses
  • Educational and group word games

Science workshop, computer lab, “kitchen chemistry,” bike repair mechanics, and woodshop are available during all hours of operation. We also have activity stations with interactive projects demonstrating scientific principles involving light, motion, and magnetism. Our program is free of cost. Children ages 7 and up are welcome.

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