Building Electrification for Business Owners and Commercial Property

Last updated: October 7, 2022

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The City of Oakland encourages all electrification projects to be done efficiently to minimize costs and reduce delays. Read more about panel optimization and other efficient electrification strategies.


Chef cooking on induction range stovetop

All-electric commercial kitchens are feasible today with rebates and grants for all-electric cooking equipment! Ready to begin your electrification journey? Review this checklist to get started.

Learn more from the resources below:

Food Service Technology Center- test recipes in an all-electric demonstration kitchen, education and trainings for foodservice water and energy efficiency

Building Decarbonization Coalition Kitchen Electrification- industry resource directory

PG&E Pacific Energy Center- free technical assistance, professional training, and tool-lending library for energy-related projects

Building Decarbonization Practice Guide- Volume 5: All Electric Kitchens

Informational workshops:

Commercial Property

Take advantage of on-bill financing from PG&E for qualifying businesses. On-bill financing provides 0% loans between $5,000 and $4,000,000 for replacement of older equipment with energy-efficient or all electric alternatives. Loans are repaid on the customer’s energy bill within 10 years.