2021 Oakland Earth Day

As we prepare for a potentially busy fire season this year, we recognize the role climate change plays in natural disasters and how we can take action now to address some of the root causes of these events.


Human-induced climate change, driven by the burning and emission of fossil fuels, is quickly destabilizing the earth's climate balance and leading to many of the changes affecting our Oakland communities, including increased severity and length of fire season, sea level rise and potential flooding, and extreme heat days.

In 2020, we saw first-hand how months of intense smoke due to fires throughout the Region impact the safety, health, and wellbeing of our community members. CERT members can take actions to help mitigate these issues by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in order to re-stabilize our climate and stop these events from becoming more severe in the coming decades.

The Sustainability Program along with other departments throughout the City of Oakland are working rapidly to implement the 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan to meet Council's greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. This month, we ask everyone to honor Earth Day by learning and participating in the City of Oakland's Earth Day Calls to Action.