Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Submit a whistleblower report to the City Auditor if you see waste, fraud or abuse in the City of Oakland

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Form

The Office of the City Auditor works to make sure that all of Oakland's Administrative Offices are transparent, accountable and honest. The Office of the City Auditor runs a confidential hotline for City of Oakland employees, contractors and community members who want to report fraud, waste or abuse of City resources. The City works with an independent company called Ethics Point to gather these reports, and their staff are trained to answer calls and read web-based reports.

If you report fraud, waste or abuse that you see in the City, the Office of the City Auditor will conduct a thorough analysis of each complaint and will then take the most appropriate action. At each step of the process, you can be assured your confidentiality will be protected.

In order to protect the confidential reporting process, updates and conclusions of actions will not be provided. The Whistleblower is not entitled to receive information that is confidential to other parties involved in any allegations.

Discussion of your complaint with others, including family, friends, and coworkers, may jeopardize your confidentiality and protections granted under the Whistleblower Protection Ordinance (link to 5.2 - Whistleblower Protection Ordinance page).