Request Hearing with the Civil Service Board

Hearing Request Form
Submission Guide

I. A hearing date will be set after appeals are initially received by the Secretary to the Board.

The request for appeal must contain the following items:

  1. Cover sheet, including appellant’s name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number; name, title, address, e-mail address, and telephone number of appellant’s representative, if any. (Representative’s telephone number will suffice in the absence of appellant’s number.)
  2. A list of available Thursdays for hearing dates. (The Board meets the second Thursday of each month).
  3. An estimate of the number of hours required for case presentation.

II. Appellant representatives and the City Attorney must provide two (2) complete hearing packets to the Board’s secretary by at least one week prior to the scheduled hearing. Appellant’s failure to provide such information may, at the Board’s discretion, result in the rescheduling of the hearing.

Packets must include the following items:

  1. A Chronology of events
  2. An agreed upon Statement of Facts
  3. Statement of Facts in Dispute

In the event the City Attorney and the Appellant’s representative are unable to meet on the above items, the Appellant’s representative must submit their version of the facts at least one week prior to the hearing.

III. The City Attorney and the Appellant’s representative are required to meet at least one hour prior to the hearing to finalize exhibit packets which must include the following:

  1. A list of exhibits, if any
  2. Pre-marked exhibits (if any exhibits are to be submitted) designated as follows:
    1. JX for joint exhibits
    2. AX for appellant’s exhibits
    3. CX for City’s exhibits
    4. Exhibits must be numbered consecutively in the lower right corner of the page. Multipaged documents bear exhibit number and page number in the lower right corner of each page of the documents (i.e., JX-1-1, JX-1-2 for consecutive pages of the same attachment).
  3. Additional exhibits may be submitted during the hearing, if they were not available to a party prior to the hearing.

IV. Within ten (10) days of verbal or written notice of the Board’s decision, the prevailing party will present proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law to the Board. The opposing party shall have the right to agree or object to the proposed findings. Objections must be presented to the Board within the ten (10) day period described above.

Board subpoenas will be issued upon the request of either party. Subpoenas may be secured
by contacting the Secretary to the Board, Ian Appleyard at (510) 238-6450 or, and/or the Civil Service Board Hotline at (510) 238-6467 or