Get a Reward for Reporting Illegal Dumping

The City of Oakland needs your help to deal with our community's illegal dumping problem

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Illegal dumping is just that – illegal – it is against the Oakland Municipal Code: OMC 12.04.070 and CA Street and Hwy Code: § 5610.

You must meet the following requirements to receive a reward:

  • Witnesses must provide their name and contact information (e.g., email and phone number) to the Public Works Call Center.
  • Anonymous illegal dumping reports may be made to the City of Oakland, but anonymous reports will not be eligible for a reward.
  • Witnesses must provide a signed statement describing the illegal dumping incident and offer any other available evidence, such as photos or video, when contacted by the City Attorney’s Office.
  • If the reported illegal dumping incident proceeds to a hearing or judicial proceeding, witnesses must agree to appear and testify.
  • The reported illegal dumping must result in a successful enforcement action (e.g., a conviction, finding of liability or settlement).

Amount of Reward:

  • If the enforcement action results in the City of Oakland collecting any money, witnesses may receive $100 or half of all civil penalties collected, whichever is greater.
  • If the enforcement action is uncontested but the City of Oakland receives no money before forwarding the matter to Collections, witnesses may receive a payment of $10.
  • If the enforcement action is unsuccessful, witnesses are not eligible for a reward.

When reporting, please include:

  • Photo of the incident
  • License plate number and a description of involved vehicles
  • Description of the offender(s)
  • Description of the items dumped
  • Time, date and location of incident you witnessed
  • Your name and contact