Apply for an Emergency Window Repair Grant

The Emergency Window Repair Grant, part of The Façade and Tenant Improvement Programs (FTIP), is set-aside funding available for businesses to repair windows after an incident of vandalism. Up to $2,500 in one-time funding per business is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications are now closed

At this time, our $50,000 set-aside funding for emergency window repair is fully committed, since those were allocated on a first-come first-served basis, starting December 1, 2022 when applications opened. We have established a waitlist for submitted applications to the Emergency Window Repair Grant should additional funding become available, and will inform waitlisted applicants at that time.

Applicants must sign a grant agreement with the City BEFORE starting the window repair, in order for those project expenses to be considered eligible for reimbursement.

What to Do

Application Procedure

  1. Applicant completes an application online or sends a completed application to the program manager.
  2. City staff screens the application to determine that all the necessary information has been provided, including photos of the window damage, a police report, and a copy of the applicant’s business license and responds to applicant
  3. Upon approval, applicant sends estimates for window repair from licensed contractors (while not a requirement, at least 3 bids are recommended). Once the contractors is selected, said work must then be outlined in the Scope of Work and Budget document (Attachment A).
  4. City staff reviews the bids received from the applicant for legitimacy.
  5. Once the applicant is ready to select the contractor(s), they can begin satisfying the prerequisite requirements of the Reimbursement Agreement outlined by the following documents:
    1. Scope of Work and Budget (Attachment A) lists all reimbursable work to be completed with itemized costs
    2. Contractor Requirements (Attachment B) ensures that the contractors are licensed to work in the City of Oakland
    3. Schedule O (Attachment E) ensures and prohibits grantees from making campaign contributions during the period specified in the Oakland Campaign Reform Act
  6. Window Repair Work Occurrs

    The applicant, now grantee, will hire the contractor and coordinate window repair with them. City staff will not coordinate contractor work. The grantee will have 30 days to authorize the contractor to begin construction from the date the City signs the Reimbursement Agreement. If the grantee has not authorized the contractor to perform window repair within 30 days, the City has the right to terminate the contract and utilize the reserved grants funds for other applicants who are ready to proceed.

  7. Once all work is completed, grantee will send photo documentation of the window repair.
  8. Grantee will send copies of paid invoices, cashed checks, and related bank statements, in order to receive reimbursement.

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.