Apply for Disabled Placard

The City of Oakland does not issue Disabled Person (DP) placards or license plates. Apply for a DP parking placard or license plate with the DMV.

Get Placards or Plates from the DMV
(510) 238-3099
Report Illegal Use of Placards or Plates

You may be able to get a DP placard or license plate if you have one or more of the conditions:

  • You can't use one or both of your legs or both of your hands.
  • You have been diagnosed with an illness that makes it hard for you to move.
  • You have a serious disability and you rely on an device to help you move.
  • You have problems with your eyesight such as low-vision or partial sightedness

Illegal Use of Disabled Parking

Disabled Person placards and license plates can only be used by the person they were issued to. You should never:

  • Lend your DP placard to someone else
  • Use another person's DP placard
  • Have or display a fake DP placard or license plates

Misuse of DP placards or license plates can result in a hefty fine or ticket.

The City of Oakland does not issue DP placards or license plates. To get a DP placard or license plate you must apply with the California DMV.