Team Oakland 2017 Results

Posted: August 31st, 2018 3:44 PM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 8:03 PM

Over six weeks during summer 2017, Team Oakland completed cleanups, habitat restoration, park maintenance, and beautification projects throughout Oakland, with an emphasis in the neighborhoods of West Oakland, San Pablo/Northgate, Eastlake; Fruitvale, Courtland, Foothill, North Oakland, Central East; and East Oakland. Three days per week were focused on litter removal, one day per week was dedicated towards habitat restoration, park maintenance, and beautification in public parks and open space, and one day per week was dedicated to life skills and environmental training.

Team Oakland litter cleanup routes are shown below.

Team Oakland Team 2017 Route Map

In 2017 Team Oakland:
• Collected 3.049 bags of trash and green waste from the streets of Oakland.
• Participated in maintenance of parks and libraries, invasive species removal, native plant nursery care, and public art installation projects.
• Participated in over 100 hours of training in environmental education and job skills.

Many thanks to the following merchants, organizations, and City departments for providing storage locations and assistance to Team Oakland:
• City of Oakland Adopt a Spot coordinators
• City of Oakland Parks and Recreation
• City of Oakland Fire Stations #3, and #20
• Friends of Sausal Creek
• Carmen Flores Recreation Center
• Fremont Pool
• Franklin Recreation Center
• PG&E Energy Center
• Rainbow Recreation Center
• West Oakland Youth Center