City Council Policy Directives

This Policy Directives Tracking document details policy directives issued by the City Council to City staff through adopted legislation, or the Budget process.

FY2021-23 Directives
Council Policy Directives
FY2019-21 Directives
Council Policy Directives

Posted: June 4th, 2021 3:59 PM

Last Updated: June 9th, 2023 12:50 PM

Policy directives from the City Council require City staff to follow-up within a specified timeframe to provide additional information, analysis, or update on a specific topic to the City Council.

As part of the City’s Biannual or Midcycle Budgets, in addition to the adopted budget allocations, the City Council also directs staff to assess or implement specific policies, programs, or performance targets and report back at a future date with findings, recommendations and/or a proposed implementation plan. The Policy Directives Tracking document includes and tracks the progress of policy directives provided in the Fiscal Year 2019-21 Biannual Budget, Fiscal Year 2020-21 Midcycle Budget, Fiscal Year 2021-23 Biannual Budget, Fiscal Year 2022-23 Midcycle Budget, categorized based on the City Council’s policy priorities of 1) Trustworthy/Responsive Government, 2) Improve Quality of Life, 3) Holistic Community Safety, and 4) Vibrant Sustainable Infrastructure.

Outside of the Budget process, the City Council also frequently includes policy directives to City staff within adopted legislation. Examples include direction to City staff to analyze current trends or data regarding a specific topic, and to report back to Council with findings and recommendations within a specified period of time. These directives are also captured and tracked in the Tracking document.

The Policy Directives Tracking document includes the purpose or topic of the directive, a summary description of the policy directive, the directive’s current status, and next steps. As directives are completed or accomplished by City staff, the status is updated from “open” to “closed.” This Tracking document will be updated by City staff on a quarterly basis.