MLK 2021 Actions at Home - all categories

Posted: December 23rd, 2020 7:48 AM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 8:01 PM

Volunteer actions from your home for Oakland MLK 40 Days of Service January 15 to February 28, 2021.

Click each link below to access home-based and online resources.


Select virtual + local volunteer opportunities from Brightest for environmental and social change

Select opportunities from Hands On Bay Area to meet critical community needs during COVID-19

Select virtual or in-person environmental volunteering from

Select from Common Impact to strengthen local communities

Select virtual volunteer opportunities from Volunteer Match

Virtual volunteering opportunities from Point of Light for sustainable development


Support City of Oakland residents most affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Upload your daily health status to help track the COVID-19 pandemic

Help support the unhoused community in Oakland

Map your Oakland story and share it with the Oakland Museum

Donate to The East Bay Community Foundation

Donate + volunteer for the East Oakland Community Project

Donate + volunteer to the Unity Council

Help Oakland’s small business community from the Oakland Indie Alliance

Support blind and low-vision people from Be My Eyes


Learn about the Implementation of California's Environmental Justice legislation from the Coastal Commission

Learn more about MLK Jr. and his legacy from the Oakland Public Library

Learn about the impact of plastic on our health and environment from Beyond Plastics

Watch the short documentary Old Survivor about Oakland's trails + trees

Watch short documentaries on mass consumption and production of goods via the Exploratorium

The Story of Stuff Project, science based activities to do at home

Animated training video on eco-friendly purchasing from Alameda County

"Don't flush wipes" from EBMUD

Educational resources from the UC California Naturalist

Educational resources from California Department of Education

Sustainable educational resources from Ecorise

Family backyard environmental activities from Project Learning Tree

Curriculum from California Environmental Literacy Foundation

Curriculum from Community Resources for Science

Curriculum from the Edible Schoolyard

Environmental Curriculum K-12 and (some in Spanish) from California Dept. of Education

Curriculum K-12 and (some in Spanish) from Green Schoolyards America

Curriculum: bird activities for kids from Golden Gate Audubon Society

Curriculum: Climate Change lessons from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Curriculum: K-12 virtual tours and at home learning from California State Parks

Curriculum: preschool through high school from California Academy of Sciences

Curriculum: weekly environmental activities and lessons from the Children in Nature Network

Practice water safe home maintenance tips from the Alameda County Clean Water Program

Replace water-thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant and native vegetation


At home activities from Stop Waste

Resource list for residents to reduce energy consumption at home from Sustainable Oakland

Resource list for residents to reduce water consumption at home from EBMUD

Energy saving tips from Environment America

How to start a home compost system from Stop Waste

Test your water pipe material and report to SciStarter to help prioritize infrastructure upgrades

Venture out to your backyard for an insect safari

Virtual field trips around the SF Bay with Stepping Out Stepping In

Gather household hazardous waste and drop off at materials center

Environmental resources from KIDS for the BAY

Identify plants, bugs, and other backyard life with iNaturalist app

Guidelines to Keep Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) out of the drain

Keep your house fire-safe with these Oakland Fire Department tips

Learn about Oakland's Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP)

Learn disaster response skills with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Learn safe and healthy gardening tips from Alameda County Clean Water Program

Measure home water use with the Pacific Institute's free water and energy calculator

Guide to nature journaling with the John Muir Laws

Home based citizen and community science research from Zooinverse

Play the game about what goes where for home waste disposal in Oakland

Practice water safe home maintenance tips from the Alameda County Clean Water Program

Read science, history, and conservation of East Bay creeks from the Oakland Museum

Reduce use of throw-away single use items - and commit to reusables

Build a bee hotel and help shelter pollinators from National Geographic

Design a home greywater system. Download free manual from Greywater Action

Detain the rain with rain barrels and other rainwater capture systems from Clean Water program

Find Alameda County Healthy Homes Program resources to keep your home safe from hazards such as lead, mold, and pests

Find info on residential and business waste disposal service from Oakland Recycles

Find resources for more sustainable consumption from Urban Sustainability Directors Network

Find safety ratings for household, health, and food products via the Environmental Working Group