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Public Servants identified in the City's Conflict of Interest Code are required to submit a Statement of Economic Interest, also known as the Form 700. The Form 700 provides transparency and ensures accountability of Public Servants in decision-making processes.

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Posted: August 31st, 2018 3:44 PM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 8:00 PM

What is a Form 700?

A Form 700 is a document that includes certain details about a Public Servant’s personal finances that could become a source of conflict for them in their City service. Form 700 allows members of the public to monitor the financial interests of a Public Servant and serves as a tool to help Public Servants to be aware of their own potential conflicts.

Who Files a Form 700?

Any individual that holds a position identified in the City’s Conflict of Interest Code. Form 700 requirements are not only for City employee positions but also include all elected officials, board and commission members, and individuals contracted as consultants with the City.

When Must Form 700 be Filed?

An individual required to file Form 700 must do so within 30 days of assuming and leaving office; and by April 1st every year, covering the preceding calendar year. Form 700 is filed with the Office of the City Clerk and can be done in paper form or electronically.

Items Reported on Form 700

  • Investments
  • Business positions in business entities
  • Sources of income
  • Interests in real property
  • Gifts from reportable sources

Note: Items reported on an individual’s Form 700 are determined by the disclosure category assigned to their specific position in the City’s Conflict of Interest Code.