Small Business Networks

Join local organizations that will help you grow your network and get advice about your business

Posted: August 31st, 2018 3:44 PM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 7:51 PM

Sustainable Business Alliance

The Sustainable Business Alliance is a business organization that helps locally-owned and sustainably-minded businesses in the East Bay. They help their member businesses network and learn about business development, and they help the public learn about the benefits of supporting local businesses. Learn more about how they can help your business at the Sustainable Business Alliance website.

Alameda County Small Business Development Center

The Alameda County Small Business Development Center provides free consulting and seminars, along with connections to additional resources, to local business owners. Learn more about their services at the Alameda County Small Business Development Center website.

Business Value Alliance

The Business Value Alliance helps business owners improve and grown their business. They offer programs for business owners in the City of Oakland including their Created in Oakland 9-Month Group Program and a Business Growth Design Studio Program. They also offer one-on-one advising for business owners. Learn more about how they can help your City of Oakland business at the Business Value Alliance website.

Inner City Advisors

Inner City Advisors (ICA) is an organization that helps build inner city businesses that create good jobs and invest in the community. They provide their Portfolio Companies and other local entrepreneurs with high caliber consulting, strategic advice, entrepreneurship education and access to resources and professional networks. Learn more at Inner City Advisors.

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

The mission of Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center is to grow the entrepreneurial capacities of socially and economically diverse women and men and strengthen communities through the creation of sustainable new businesses, new jobs and the promotion of financial self-sufficiency. Learn more at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.

Urban FIRE

Urban FIRE (Financial Intelligence, Responsible Entrepreneurship) offers courses designed to help local entrepreneurs develop businesses. They partner with Oakland Adult and Career Education to make their classes affordable to all. Learn more at Urban FIRE.

Chambers of Commerce

Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce
Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce

Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce

Visit the Oakland Business Assistance Center to learn about other organizations that can help you and your business.