Posted: April 5th, 2020 4:04 PM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 8:02 PM

Teachers, students, and parents will find environmental educational resources to help sustain and support learning from home while schools are shut and shifting towards online education. Many of the educational offerings also have general appeal and accessibility through books, interactive learning activities, and video streaming.

The list compiles environmental educational resources from near and nationally based non-profits and governmental organizations. There’s a little something for everyone in the offerings, from backyard insect safaris to academic lesson plans, to documentary environmental films.

Click each link below to access home-based environmental education resources.

20 daily actions for Earth Day 2020 from Stopwaste - calendar, 20 day journal, 15 day journal

Access teen resources for Earth Day from Oakland Public Library

Apply for a Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Grant for creative environmental projects by youth

Apply for a Captain Planet Foundation ecoSolution grants - for youth environmental educators

Audit and learn about your home water use and ways to save (available also in Spanish)

Build a bee hotel and help shelter pollinators

Calculate your carbon footprint, and see related student curricula from International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge

Calculate ways to reduce your carbon footprint from home, transportation and waste

Check out books for Earth Day recommended by Oakland Public Library

Coloring pages about energy conservation

Curricula compiled by the UC College Naturalist

Curriculum - Distance learning resources from California Department of Education

Curriculum - Family backyard environmental activities from Project Learning Tree

Curriculum from Community Resources for Science

Curriculum from the Edible Schoolyard

Curriculum from National Environmental Education Week

Curriculum: 3rd-8th grade leveled environmental classes with Mycelium Youth Network

Curriculum: bird activities for kids from Golden Gate Audubon Society

Curriculum: Climate Change lessons from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Curriculum: Ecorise

Curriculum: in and around the house activities from Project Learning Tree

Curriculum from California Environmental Literacy Foundation

Curriculum from San Mateo County Office of Education

Curriculum from the Santa Cruz Climate Action Network

Curriculum K-12 and some in Spanish from California Education and Environment Curriculum

Curriculum: K-12 virtual tours and at home learning from California State Parks

Curriculum of home nature based activities from Green Schoolyards America

Curriculum: preschool through high school from California Academy of Sciences

Curriculum: weekly environmental activities and lessons from the Children in Nature Network

Find out how your food choices affect the climate with this quiz from University of California's Carbon Neutrality Initiative

Homeschool with environmental resources from KIDS for the BAY

How sustainable is your lifestyle? Size up your footprint with this interactive quiz

Identify plants, bugs, and other backyard life with Seek iNaturalist

Kids' activity - the Stopwaste Garbology Adventure

Learn about Oakland's Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP)

Learn about Oakland's Sustainability Program

Learn disaster response skills with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Learn about Oakland's Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP)

Learn water conservation tips from EBMUD

Listen to stories of leading environmental ideas and leaders via Podship Earth.

Make a safe and healthy yard and garden with these tips

Measure home water use with the Pacific Institute's free water and energy calculator

Nature journaling with the John Muir Laws guide

Pitch in to citizen and community science research from home

Play the game about what goes where for home waste disposal in Oakland

Read Bay Nature's coverage of local biodiversity

Read Drawdown's compendium of big picture climate change solutions

Read science, history, and conservation of East Bay creeks

Reduce use of throw-away single use items - and commit to reusables

Reduce waste, bills, and grocery store trips with this fridge check from Stopwaste

Register for CORE (Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) classes to increase household resiliency and emergency preparedness

Renewable Energy 1 page activity for kids

Start a home compost system

Take this quiz from BayREN to learn about improving indoor air quality

Test your climate change knowledge with this quiz

Venture out to your backyard for an insect safari (Oakland insect guide ; Insect finder; Insect identification help; Insect appreciation music)

Virtual field trips to and about the Bay with Stepping Out Stepping In

Virtually visit California native plant gardens with the "Bringing Back the Natives" tour

Watch Beyond Plastic video documentaries

Watch environmental movies from the Oakland Public Library

Watch short films about Oakland's trails and trees

Watch short videos to learn about limiting exposure to harmful chemicals in the home

Watch the Exploratorium's environmental science videos

Watch the Saving San Francisco Bay documentary

Watch the Story of Stuff for a deeper look into consumption impacts

Watch this Alameda County video about sustainable purchasing

Watch Washington DC Environmental Film Festival movies