Montclair Demand-Responsive Parking Meter Rates

From Oakland.Plus and Park Oakland, the City's Demand Responsive Parking and Mobility Management Initiative

In Process


The Montclair Demand-Responsive Parking program seeks to improve parking availability by adjusting meter rates according to demand. Meter rates will be adjusted between $0.50 per hour and $4 per hour.

Value Zones have lower parking demand, so rates will go down to encourage parking here. Premium Zones have high parking demand, so rates will go up to free up more parking spaces.

Parking meter rates in Montclair were updated in Fall 2021. See below for table of parking meter rates:

Morning 8am-10am

Midday 10am-4pm

Evening 4pm-6pm









A map of zones and rates is available to view and download at the bottom of this page.The lowest meter price will be set to ensure parking availability near your favorite destinations in Montclair.

We want to hear from you! Tell us your thoughts about parking in Montclair and learn more about this project at one of our upcoming events.

You can also email us your feedback on how to improve parking in Montclair by emailing

Project History

In August 2014, the City launched the Montclair Flexible Parking District, a pilot program approved by City Council in October 2013. The goal of this initiative was to increase available parking on centrally located streets that are in highest demand and to make finding parking faster and more convenient.

Now part of Park Oakland and Oakland.Plus, parking meter rates will be periodically updated to reflect current demand for on-street parking spaces and improve the parking and mobility experience in Montclair.



Map showing premium zones in Montclair core and value zones on periphery streetsMontclair Demand-Responsive Parking Meter Rates


Montclair Village Farmers' Market
July 18 & 25, 2021
Montclair Village Association Board Meeting
July 28, 2021
Montclair Neighborhood Council Meeting
August 5, 2021 at 5:30pm
New Parking Meter Rates Go Live!
September 2021
Install New Parking Signs
Spring 2022