Longfellow Community Intersections

Improved safety near neighborhood schools




In 2017, OakDOT applied for and received a community development block grant to improve four intersections in the Longfellow neighborhood. These improvements will provide a better environment for pedestrians, including the many school students walking in the area. The painted safety zones will help pedestrians cross at the intersections. These zones are the first of their kind in Oakland. Many crossings are “uncontrolled”, meaning there is no stop sign or traffic signal. Painted safety zones are quick and relatively inexpensive to implement compared to other changes, and have a significant impact on safety.


The corridor is home to several schools, family residences, and small businesses. The pedestrian safety improvements were selected because they maintain good visibility between drivers and people stepping into the crosswalk. The painted safety zones also encourage vehicles to turn more slowly, and create more distance between turning vehicles and pedestrians waiting on the sidewalk.

Project Location

The project is located on Market Street at the intersections of 39th, Apgar, 43rd, and 53rd Streets. Each intersection is within Community Development District 1.


OakDOT has implemented several safety and other improvements to the corridor. These improvements include:

  • Installing painted safety zones at crosswalks near schools
  • Adding new crosswalks and narrowing the intersection
  • Repaving the street
  • Adding missing curb ramps at several intersections and ensuring that all are ADA accessible
  • Adding reflective delineator posts near crossings

Community Input

Community meetings were held on August 9, 2017 and September 12, 2018.

For more information, contact:
Emily Ehlers
eehlers@oaklandca.gov | 510-238-2259

Project Updates

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