GE Site Remediation and Redevelopment, 5441 International Boulevard

Bridge Development Partners has submitted a proposal to demolish the existing contaminated buildings, remediate the site, and construct a warehouse on the site previously owned by General Electric.

Start date:
Nov 15, 2018


Project Description

The remediation and redevelopment project would include demolition of the eight existing structures, foundations and associated equipment, including Building #1 (other than the façade) and Building #2. The façade of Building #1 would be preserved, treated to contain any contaminated materials, and incorporated into the design of the new building. The site would be sufficiently remediated to permit its reuse. The demolition and abatement would be conducted with appropriate regulatory agency oversight by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and DTSC.

After demolition and remediation, an approximately 535,000 square-foot industrial building would be constructed that would include 85 loading dock doors and 219 on-site parking stalls. The project will also include site improvements with approximately 110,500 square feet of new landscaping area.


The GE Oakland Facility is located at 5441 International Boulevard, Oakland, California. The site consists of approximately 24 acres on International Boulevard, between 54th and 57th Avenues, and is located east of San Leandro Street and the BART tracks.

The eight existing buildings on the site are vacant and were formerly used for manufacturing, although a portion of Building #1 fronting International Boulevard contained office uses. The Project Site is included in the list of Hazardous Waste and Substances sites in the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) EnviroStor database, one of the lists meeting the “Cortese List” requirements. The buildings and site contain hazardous chemicals in the soil and groundwater and have been undergoing remediation and monitoring. In 1993 a deed restriction was imposed on the property by the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and only commercial or industrial uses are allowed and all other types of uses are prohibited.

The Oakland Cultural Heritage Survey (OCHS) assigned the property a rating of “A1+” to Building #1 on the site and “Dc1+” to Building #2, indicating that Building #1 is of “Highest Importance” and that both Building #1 and Building #2 are contributing elements to the 57th Avenue Industrial District Area of Primary Importance (API).



Map of Project: GE Site Remediation and Redevelopment, 5441 International Boulevard