Coliseum Area Assessment Grants

In 2006, the US EPA awarded the City of Oakland two “community-wide” brownfield assessment grants totaling $400,000 for use in the Coliseum Area of east Oakland.


The City has used this money to finance investigations of potential soil, groundwater, asbestos and lead paint contamination at Coliseum Area sites that are targeted for redevelopment.

Following are links to the environmental assessment reports generated under the Coliseum Area grants:

7001 Snell St Phase I
7001 Snell St Phase II
915-939 66th Ave Phase II
710 73rd Ave Phase I
728 73rd Ave Phase II
711 71st Ave Phase I
711 71st Ave Phase II
3229 San Leandro St Phase I
3229 San Leandro St Phase II
3301 San Leandro St Phase I
3301 San Leandro St Phase II
Lion Creek Crossing Park Stockpile Report

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