Bikeway Projects Under Development

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Program plans and constructs on-street bikeways, including striping and signage, and coordinates the installation of bikeways with other City divisions and outside agencies.


For information about project development, see:

  • Bikeway Project Outreach Mailers. Prior to constructing on-street bikeways, the Program mails residences within 400 feet of the bikeway street allowing time for feedback.
  • Key Bikeway Corridors. Some bikeways are along long corridors or are more complex that typical, with planning and construction spanning multiple years.
  • Projects status list and map last updated October 12, 2017. This resource shows the status of all bikeway projects currently under development, and is updated twice-annually to reflect implementation progress.
  • OakDOT Major Projects Map.

Other City and outside agencies are charged with constructing off-street paths, such as those around Lake Merritt, along the Oakland Waterfront, to the East Span of the Bay Bridge (Caltrans), the East Bay Greenway (Alameda County Transportation Commission) and those being constructed as part of the Caldecott Fourth Bore Settlement. The Port of Oakland and the East Bay Regional Parks District also install bicycle lanes and paths within their jurisdictions.

Project Updates

No updates, yet! Check back soon!