98th & San Leandro (Madison Park)

Planned Unit Development at 98th and San Leandro including 399 residential units and 14,156 sf of commercial area (Case File #PLN18523).

Start date:
Dec 11, 2018


Project Proposal

The proposed 98th and San Leandro project is a multi-phase Planned Unit Development that will include 7 development parcels:

• Parcel A: 9 work/live units, 2,468 sf retail, 90 apartments, 7 live/work units, 106 parking

• Parcel B: 86 apartments, 77 parking spaces

• Parcel C: 34 apartments, 34 parking spaces

• Parcel D: 34 apartments, 36 parking spaces

• Parcel E: 48 townhomes, 96 parking spaces

• Parcel F: 48 townhomes, 96 parking spaces

• Parcel G: 26 townhomes, 52 parking spaces

• Parcel H: Woonerf with Public Access Easement

• Parcel J: Park

• Parcel K: Woonerf with Public Access Easement

The entire project includes 399 residential units (270 residential apartments, 7 live/work units, and
122 townhomes) and 14,156 square feet of commercial space (9 work/live units and 2,468 square
feet of retail), as well as 517 parking spaces. The project height ranges from 65 feet to 30 feet. In addition, the project includes open space provided in a park, a public plaza, private balconies, and podium amenity spaces.

Project History

The proposed project location was originally part of the 27.5-acre Arcadia Park project site and was planned to be the site of the final phase of the Arcadia Park project, which was evaluated in the Arcadia Park EIR but has not yet been developed. On September 21, 2005, the City of Oakland certified the Final Arcadia Park Residential Project Environmental Impact Report (Arcadia Park EIR), pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The project evaluated in the Arcadia Park EIR (Arcadia Park project) included development across 27.5 acres (including the 10.16-acre proposed project site), containing 366 residential units (74 single-family units, 108 detached condominium units, 184 townhomes), 732 covered, off-street parking spaces, 235 on-street parking spaces, 1.6 acres of landscaped open space, and 6.4 acres of new streets and emergency vehicle access.

In 2007, Pulte Homes, the developer of the Arcadia Park project, revised the PUD to exclude the current project site from their development plans. The revisions to the Planned Unit Development (PUD) in 2011 indicate that only 164 of the 366 homes originally proposed for the Arcadia Park project were completed and the subject 10.16 acres were left undeveloped.

Developer Contact Information

Claire Han, Fleischmann Property LLC, (510) 452-2944




Madison Park Project Proposal98th & San Leandro (Madison Park)


Design Review Committee
September 25, 2019
Planned Unit Development application submitted
December 2018
Planning Commission
December 16, 2020




Phone Numbers

Phone: (510) 238-6417