40th Street / MacArthur BART Bikeways

Bikeways within two miles of the MacArthur BART station improve east-west bicycle access between MacArthur BART, the Piedmont Ave neighborhood, Kaiser Hospital and Emeryville, and connect to the bicycle and pedestrian path across the eastern span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge.


Since 2009, bikeways have been constructed along all the segments listed below.

  1. W MacArthur Blvd (Martin Luther King Jr Wy to Manila Ave): buffered bike lanes (June 2019)
  2. W MacArthur Blvd (San Pablo Ave to Broadway): bike wayfinding signs (October 2018)
  3. W MacArthur Blvd (Underpass to Market St): bike lanes installed by Caltrans (February 2018)
  4. W MacArthur Blvd (Market St to BART Frontage Rd): bike lanes funded by a Highway Safety Improvement Program grant (May 2017)
  5. W MacArthur Blvd (BART Frontage Rd to Telegraph Ave): bike lanes funded by the MacArthur BART Transit Village development (June 2016)
  6. BART Frontage Rd (W MacArthur Blvd to 40th St): separated bike lanes/sharrows installed by BART (October 2014)
  7. 40th St (Adeline St to Martin Luther King Jr Way and Telegraph Ave to Webster St): an experimental bikeway featuring green pavement and shared roadway bicycle markings (sharrows) and [Bicycles] May Use Full Lane signs (September 2013); see details below.
  8. W MacArthur Blvd (Telegraph Ave to Broadway): bike lanes funded by a Safe Routes to Transit grant (September 2012)
  9. 41st St (Webster St to Piedmont Ave): bikeway striping (sharrows and bike lanes) funded by a Safe Routes to Transit grant (March 2012)
  10. 40th/41st Streets (Adeline St to Piedmont Ave): bike wayfinding signs in collaboration with BART (May 2010)
  11. 40th St (Martin Luther King Jr Way to Telegraph Ave): bike lanes, MacArthur Transit Hub Improvement Project (April 2009)

As of August 2021, buffered bike lanes are pending construction on W MacArthur Blvd (San Pablo Ave to Underpass). Oakland's 2019 Bike Plan proposes buffered bike lanes along 40th St from Adeline St to Howe St and separated bike lanes on W MacArthur Blvd between Market St and Piedmont Ave.

Details on the 2013 "super-sharrow" experiment:

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