19th Street BART to Lake Merritt Urban Greenway (1003211)

The streetscape project on Thomas L. Berkley Way (20th Street) from Broadway to Harrison Street will close a last mile gap between the 19th Street BART station and Lake Merritt through the construction of improvements focused on enhancements and amenities for pedestrians and bicyclists.


Project Approval/Environmental Process (Completed)

Spring 2017

Design (In Progress)

Summer 2020


Fall 2020

Project Location


The 19th Street BART to Lake Merritt Urban Greenway Project is a grant funded streetscape project awarded in 2016 by the Active Transportation Program (ATP). The project proposes to implement infrastructure improvements for the pedestrian and bicycle environment. Pedestrian features include sidewalk reconstruction and widening, curb extensions, ADA compliant curb ramps, pedestrian median refuges, and crosswalk enhancements. Bicycle features include new lanes with a combination of Class IV protected, parking protected, and sidewalk level separated bicycle lanes. Additional design features in this project include lane reductions and geometric realignment, traffic signal modifications, street lighting, and signing and striping.

These infrastructure improvements aim to facilitate safer pedestrian and bicycle access into and around Downtown Oakland for recreation and commute destinations. Reduction of travel lanes and crossing distances minimize the conflicts between pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles and reduce the risk of exposure to collisions.

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